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How’s it going everyone? I’m doing ok with my ankle. I’m learning how to grow more each day, and I appreciate being able to be back in my garden putting in work. Plant training, careful targeted leaf stripping. I’m trying to get motivated to grow some of these seeds I have been given by some growers from fellow panel members on the show, and others I’ve put up. I’m excited about growing natural plants that help with pain and many other alliments. What I’ve learned about growing is keep at it. Plant scout for stuff wrong with your plants. Information is key. Be humble and willing to adjust. Most importantly, have fun. Happy growing


So how do you fertilize the plant... Hehe...

Does it propagate when you do it?

Health 101! Hehe.

Great work. I like the flavor it just lacks the kick most of your strains have.

This one? I don’t think so, I’ve only had it for like a year, and trust me this is a Heavy hitter

I'll try it but I've tried a few growers attempts. But yes it's definitely not as high as other strains.

That's the issue with most growers. They breed for their ego not what's best for the longevity of the plants future.

This is one of my favorites

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Still think the hulk packed more kick.

Taste yes it's very tasty. And great structure. The breeder did a great job. Just not enough kick for me.

Out of anyone else? They wouldn't understand. You? You get it different strokes for different folks. Some people it's the bees knees. Others it's not.

It's what works for you.

But growing? I'd grow her just for the beauty. And the extra flavor.

If she made your cut? It's high standards. Every strain you got was a careful choice. You don't waste your time growing some backyard breeder garbage mutt mix. Known history and knowledge of it's growing requirements are way bigger issues than just your ego and hoping you get lucky.

Breeders? A class in of themselves. And I've known a couple idiot savant breeders. Phenomenal intelligence. Just in that area...

Keep growing that fire homie!!!

Too bad the growers here don't ask questions and for help. I've seen some straight plant torture here.

Solo cup challenge? Wtf? You always lock a baby into a stroller for life and deform them at birth?

Great points! So what does plant scout mean?

Also another plant I would love to grow is the Papaver somniferum Poppy.

Inspect your plants for decencies like high/low nutrients, powdery mildew and bugs. But all the time


Great tip bro! Just as you don’t forget to feed your pet, or kids, don’t forget your plant lol

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Your bud is fire cowboy!

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Thanks man

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