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How’s it going everyone? Happy growing
I’m learning more and getting into crypto. I use cannabis as medicine and have grown it for myself for almost 11 years. Whew I’m getting old. But here’s a picture of a plant I just pulled down at day 60 and couldn’t be more happy about where it’s going. I do a live grow show every Sunday at 4pm pacific time on YouTube with a panel of growers. If anyone has any questions you can ask me here, or dm me on Instagram @Noahtheegrowa
Cheers. Happy new year
Keep growing


That’s some fire right there!

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Thank you. I’m trying to get it all figured out

This is what we need to see more of. I am getting so sick of seeing gaming posts on a cannabis front end lol

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Yummy so when you going to share?

I have and always try. Right now I’m just moving slowly around the house. Walking without a boot is my next goal

Scooter man! Should be doing wheelies and laps right now.

What happened to mario kart?

I need to get it going on

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Yeah man thought the million craigslist ads you would have sorted it out...

Come on man!!!

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So many questions, that i cant even compile them all at once.

Still the most beautiful plants here on the chain!

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I’m learning like everyone else. Thank you, I’m going to keep growing

Love the photo the frost the curly leaf

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Do you use cal mag? Or does your tap water cover that?

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I sure do. I didn’t use to, but I do

So frosty! Those are looking awesome! God I hope they legalize here soon. I'd like to start growing for personal use.

Thanks man