Apple fritter

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Hello I figured I’d pop in and say hi. Hello to everyone and hopefully your growing is going good. Growing in soil and life. We got a big heat wave, like 114. All time high. But I’m still growing a couple plants and learning new stuff. My new Apple fritter plant looks great. Here A picture of day 31 from 12/12 flip, taken like 2 weeks ago. Almost ready to flush. Cheers


I posted first!!!! Hahahahahah and you sick keep saying we are gonna hang and you keep hiding.

Where you at homie? Let's get into a fight like we was highschool kids.

Hell I remember Chris and you beefing...

Long times agos.

Heal up!

So if this is day 31, now its day 50ish, and your starting to flush now?

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Apple fritter is always a crowd pleaser. Your going to flush?

Always flush

You don’t call it a rinse no more?

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