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Hello this is a pic took yesterday with my old phone. I use it as a podcast player in the room. When the light changes I’ll be going live in my room on YouTube cheaphomegrow sundays 4-6 pacific. I’m Noahtheegrowa there and on Instagram. Any questions you about have growing cannabis I can answer. And if I can’t I’ll ask the panel. I’m lucky to be alive and able to grow organic in soil with biobizz nutes. Totally organic and sustainable is what I’m trying to do for my family and me. I’m using the old soil with biochar and leaves and cooking it till next season. Cheers and keep growing. This is gg4. 100% organic


Awesome work and I can't wait because maybe I might actually get a chance to sample this batch.

Thanks very much for posting and me and my puppy dog really can't wait to see more from you!

I’ll hook you up on the house

Your herbage is phenomenal. Wonder if there's some other Portland hivians that want to smoke a bowl with me...

OG is always the best bud and easiest to trim 🔥🔥🔥

Fucking beautiful! How long you been growing the Gg4? I love this strain, and should pick up a clone soon.

It ok not busy I’ll try to stop by the podcast tomorrow. But Sunday I’m usually with the family. Happy growing!

You can always listen to it as a podcast at your convenience. Or watch the stream at anytime, there posted forever. Been growing this strain for 3-4 years

Oh yeah that’s true!

I love it except for when it comes time to trim. It always glues the scissors shut.

Looks delicious. but you probably have more beautiful pictures to show😋

Thank you