Purple punch

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Hello everybody. Hopefully everyone is doing good this is a picture of a purple punch plant growing by me in soil day 47. I’ve been busy with my ankle and getting into Hugle kultur
gardening and raise beds and just going down the whole compost worm gardening rabbit hole. I’ve been getting into cryptocurrency and learning and learning about what money is and how the federal reserve is a joke and it’s not a government building nor they reserve anything. I’m going to go to Vegas in the next couple months with a buddy meet up with a couple people have a good time with my ankle I’ll probably use a scooter not ideal but it’ll work. I’ve got a couple platinum plants that are getting close and I’ll be taking some pictures of them I’ve got some new stuff some sherbet of some real cool new things some seeds I’m going to Pheno hunt through, some autos I’m going to put in living soil and just let them do their own thing outside I’ve been having a lot of fun I got some new seeds for my vegetable and my cannabis gardens. Well that’s going to do it sorry the post isn’t longer. If anyone has any questions about cannabis gardening feel free to ask me I’ll help all I can cheers to everyone and keep growing.


I keep telling you that motorized electric scooter is going to be the ticket baby.

And because you're disabled now welcome to the world of enablement! Just get a spare handicap sticker and glue it to the front and sides. You're all busted up you need to be able to get places. And a little electric scooter actually has quite a bit of range and plug it in on the go and let it charge up. You can get even more range.

Awesome job on the gardening.

Thanks man

Lol your my favorite asshole. Known you too long and always we still chill and exchange ideas.

Finally you got to growing and what happens? Told you you would be good at it.

Asshole. We could have been doing this way longer.

Anyways sorry for missing your call I'll bug you when I'm.alive.

And nice work on the post.

Blaze is!!! Fire homie. When we gonna smoke.

Screw the federal reserve. lol Crypto is the best!

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Ya federal reserve notes are tools

Busy bee recently

She's looking frosty! GG!

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Thank you

Those plants look great! They just legalized recreational use in NY! Next year I'll be able to grow up to 3 full size adult plants and 3 babies! We should have dispensaries open by then too! Exciting times.

Man Vegas, so lucky! Haven't been there since 2001. Lived there for a few years. I want to go back soooo bad! Have fun, hope you post some pics to Hive and share some of your dispensary finds if you partake on your vacation!


Thank you man.

[Insert drool face]

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Molasses. Yes or no?

Certain situations and certain plant feeding programs, yes

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Dude that’s some great news hearing your going to Vegas. A scooter actually sounds fun, lol just think you’ll be cruising down the strip with a nice buzz! Sure it will be a pain at times, but still fun lol

So are you planning on doing the compost for indoor as well?

Got a tumbler to keep the rats out, so it will be permanent, how much will be used indoor will be determined later lol

Nice. I use some old garbage cans that i drilled holes in. It is a bitch to turn, a tumbler is a smart move.

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One thing, your weed isn't handicap! Have fun in Vegas. But what about the plants?

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Plans for plants are always carefully made

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Wikkid looking bud man... So frosty !

Just started growing purple punch recently.. Got a few cuttings on the go...good to see it at this stage😉

Had a smoke recently and it blew me away...so tasty 😀

Peace, G.

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