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A few posts back I posted a picture of a new clone. Well this is it. Gelato #25 x dosidos. This picture is like day 48. I think first run I’m going to push it like 9 weeks in flower from 12/12 flip. How’s it going everyone? My ankle had a setback but I’m pushing on. Not being able to be in my garden was so tough and I’m so glad I have been back to it last couple weeks. My caregiver did a good job but nobody knows that room like me. I’ve been getting into bitcoin more and more. We got some cool stuff going. I do a live grow show with a panel and we just had are 100th show. I have done really cool stuff, some autos I’m going to grow outside this season. Any questions anyone has you can ask me here or dm on Instagram.
Happy growing


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Your my hero
ps i'm drunk lol

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That’s great your show doing is well.

Hopefully I can try some before I head out to Alaska.

And what did you do this time?

Little of this little of that

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Care package for me for gold mining?