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RE: Auto Fuel -Autoflower - Hybrid - Purple City Genetics - Finished

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60 grams off one plant isn’t to shabby at all. I fell you about the fluffy though.


Yea, It look so good growing. I kept thinking it will fill-up and tighten-up...but nope. I have 2 plants that are the same...this one and another that I did LST and it fell behing 2 weeks. It looks better than the one I let do it's thing. I'm going to do a post on that. To tell you the truth Autoflower is great for beginners like me. The three bag seed are the winners. I have about 3 weeks left and they are very dense and sticky and smell like that OG from 10 years ago. I will do a post on thoes as well.

What kind of light do you have? And one thing I’ve found with autos, it is best to do a 24/0 if you can. But so many variables as well, I’ve seen more duds within autos then photos for sure. But I have had some impressive autos as well.

Im using Mars Hydro, 300w and 150w in one tent. I started 18/6 and switched to 12/12 because of the photos. Yea, I tried to do it all my fist grow so it's all over the place. I'm moving passed this part of the grow. Im anxious for the bag seeds...They are what we all want. I hope they end on a good note, especiallydrying.

Yeah I once did a mix of photos and autos. It can be done, but it’s such a pain. Especially when the auto is flowering while the photos are in veg