Infused Ganja Rum 🧉

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*Infused in this photo:

*2 Infused Rum & Plums
*10ml Ganja Rum - Dark
(Cannabis infused Captain Morgan’s Rum)
*10ml Ganja Rum - White
(Cannabis infused Wrey & Nephew White Rum)
*2 grams of Wedding Cake (flowers ;)
*Bottled of Wrey & Nephew

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Photo Credit: @donald.porter



Too late I've already done this for decades but good job and careful of copyright violations and infringement on using these products....

Too late for what bro? I have no idea what ur talking about lol 😂 the sky isn’t falling- I’m just taking photos of All products available at the retreat aside from just the Ganja infused room packages and the Stoner sanctuary ie... C1CEA6E89AC541FA93FF88CD716119A7.jpeg

If you're implying making the rum aint nobody got time for that while running a Retreat. I buy and sell so if you have it's an opportunity for ya 🙂

Stop by one day we can talk biz and I can fill you in on Bud&Breakfast/Retreat laws (or the ways around them 😉)