BMX test run

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The BMX test begins

I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of the testing phase of this great strain of cannabis, props go out to @jonyoudyer and Bif



When the soak started it was just spring water for the first 24 hrs. Then I added a little peroxide and bang 6 hours later 3 of the 8 beans cracked after 30 hours.


These three were soaked in spring water for 24 hours and then placed in paper towels in warm dark spot. Its been 4 days and they still have not cracked.


here are the three that popped


Right on dude! Thanks for the feedback. It is possible the bmx was sent out to early. You are the first to get them. I’ll try again here soon, and see what kind of germ rate I get. Don’t forget to drop this is the Big Mack tester channel. I’ll drop this post and tag you

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Ohhhh..... I was meaning to ask you about that, I just wanted to let you enjoy your vacay. There were two different packs I dropped the BMX marked pack. Is the unmarked pack the Big Mack f2 ?

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The one with 🍌 is big Mack and there other is bmx

lol... i feel like a jack ass
well ok lemme fix my this post.

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