LEMON POTION CBD AUTO #1.5 (2by4by5 tent)

in #cannabis4 months ago



Finally setup the 2 by 4 by 5 tent. It's an old used tent but I think it'll be a lot better with space compared to the smaller tent. I only have a 54 wall sunblaze 4ft light in it. I will be putting the mars hydro 300 watt led light in this tent along with a vivosun light. I think it'll be fun to compare the two once I pop some stable seeds.


Popped these two seeds at the same time. Looks like there's already a runt. But after searching the great world of the inter webs I saw this plant doesn't get that big. It's a 2 to 1 mostly cbd. I'm a light weight. It doesn't take much for me to get relaxed. Next time if I there's a next I will be growing this plant in the 2by2 in one gallon pots. I'm trying to stay organic but haven't found that sweet spot to watering just enough to keep the micros alive. If anyone has some knowledge on organic cannabis please let me know.


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These seem they’ll do better for you then the last one.

grow baby grow!