Cannabis chronicles 18, update for July 27

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Hello, people of steem! Welcome to my page!

It's been about 10 days since my last cannabis chronicles update post, so I decided that it was time to write another update. There hasn't been any big changes with the plants, mostly just more growth.

The 2 clones that I took of the Cannatonic plant have been doing quite well since I put them into pots. They're growing quite nicely now. I'm going to have to put them into larger pots soon.
This is how they looked a week and a half ago.

They've grown a bit since then. This is how they looked yesterday when I took these pictures.

The 2 big plants are also doing quite well. It's a little harder to compare growth on these plants because they're already so big.
Big Stinky, the cannatonic plant is growing a little closer to the roof of the greenhouse every day. So far, it's not showing any signs of starting to flower. I don't expect it to start until the days start getting noticeably shorter in August, or even later. I may end up having to take the tops off at some point if it gets too tall, but I hope I don't have to do that with this plant.


The Blue Dream plant is not quite as big as big stinky, but it was started later. Still, it's almost as big.

I decided to cut the tops off the Blue Dream plant to see if I can get thicker growth from it. It grows a bit oddly, it has asymmetric growth of the side branches, so I had to just pick a spot on the big branches and cut.

Of course, I'm going to save the tops for drying to see how they work for making tea, or peerhaps I'll dry them and then soak them in alcohol to make a tincture. 151 proof vodka or everclear should work well for that.

I'm starting to notice a bit of yellowing starting in some of the leaves, mostly on the lower part of the plant, so I think I'm going to need to start feeding them now. They've probably used up most of the nutrients that were in the dirt that I used to plant them. I'm guessing that they're both also at least close to getting root bound in the pots but I really don't have enough room in the greenhouse to get the huge pots that I would need if I were to decide to repot them again, plus I'm not sure if I could lift them now with my bad back, they're pretty heavy.

That's all I have for this cannabis update. Thanks for stopping by to check it out!

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My lord! Those are looking so great Amber!

Thank you!
I'm waiting to see how big they'll be when they start flowering...

Thank you! I'm waiting
To see how big they'll be when
They start flowering...

                 - amberyooper

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Much better color in the updated pic! They will love a transplant

Much better color
In the updated pic! They
Will love a transplant

                 - ceattlestretch

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

looking good super dooper amber yooper!!! they look beautiful , what kinda fertilizer are you using or going to use ?

I just used a bit of water soluble miracle grow garden fertilizer for this first feeding. I'm going to go to the local grow shop and see what fertilizer choices that they have, perhaps I can get a better one there.

takes notes ;)

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Loving you and Weedcash is awesome!

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If you need help let us know! I'm no wizard... But yeah this is awesome