Cannabis chronicles 16, a quick update

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Hello,steemians! Welcome to my page!

This is just a quick update on my cannabis plants. After putting big stinky in a slightly larger pot, I realized that I was going to need a much larger pot for the plant. The slightly larger pot really wasn't much of an improvement over the pot that the plant had been in. I went to the local hydroponics shop where I get most of my growing supplies and bought a 15 gallon nursery pot. They have larger ones than that, but the 15 gallon pot is large enough for now. Also, I can move a full 15 gallon pot if I need to, I'm not sure I could move a full 20 or 25 gallon pot due to the weight. The 15 gallon pot is the same size as the ones that I grow my tomato plants in, lots of root space.
I already had a bag of high quality dirt from the shop, a bag of "Happy Frog" dirt, so I used that to do the repotting.

Here's big stinky in her new pot. She's still a bit droopy from the repotting, but that doesn't usually last for more than a couple of days

Since I had the green pot available, I decided to put the blue dream plant into that until next payday when I can get another 15 gallon pot for it. I had enough dirt left in the bag of Happy Frog to be able to finish repotting the blue dream plant, with a bit left over.

After that, I decided that it was time to put one of the clones in a pot. There was enough roots showing to make it likely that the clone will survive the repotting. I had just enough dirt left over to be able to finish putting the clone in a pot. Since the clones were started in coconut coir, I just left most of it on the plant so that I wouldn't disturb the new roots, and filled in the dirt around it in the pot that I put it into.

The other clone is a bit slower with root growth, but I checked it today, and I'm starting to see root growth on that one also, so I'll probably put that one in a pot sometime in the next few days. I'm not sure where I'm going to put the clones when they start to get bigger, I don't have much more space available in the greenhouse, and I don't want then to become visible from the street, that's just inviting trouble that I don't need.

That's all I have for this update, thanks for stopping by to check it out!

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good job :) lookin hella mean and green :p

Thanks! :-)

keep them updates coming, love your garden content :)