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Skateboards go thru a hard life, they need to stand the test of time with the learning of balancing, ticks, getting air height, going down steep hills with being strong enough to be capable to do all this and the weight of the skateboarder.

There are many options for sustainable products coming out on the market one of these eco-materials is hemp, which skateboarding companies have used hemp in different ways for creating their skateboards and products.

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Hemp is strong, lighter material to use which looking at different sites that produce thinner boards using hemp fiber and natural resins.

One company has gone a bit further than just the hemp decks, (hemp boards) to creating hemp wheels for the boards using a mix of hemp and rubber, customer handmade to order protective Hemp Pads using hemp canvas on the outer panels.

There is also hemp plastic skateboards produced by 3d printers.

There are different options for your skateboarding needs for people wanting sustainable eco products, didn't expect to see hemp wheels or protective hemp pads, that is how fast the hemp space is moving.
The next product as these are already done, would be hemp helmets for this space.

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Hemp is a great solution for a lot of products. I'd sport a hemp skateboard if I still skated. I wanted a longboard for awhile but The Dood's getting old and discovered the ground feels much harder than he remembers from when he was a teenager. Getting old sucks. That picture looks like an awesome place to skate though. We used to skate the parking ramps in downtown Buffalo when they were closed on the weekends. That was always fun. Having country roads like that to skate all the time would have been sick!