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RE: WeedCash Network: White Paper

in #cannabis2 years ago

Wanna get Weedcash on EOS and newdex? 1000 ENg and 50 EOS talk to @privex aka @someguy123 on steem engine discord i think youre ready man!

We can work with SEED and compete with the massive cannabis eos market. Weedcash should be promoting on all cannabis magazines, not by purchasing ads but by offering stories to publish , its great content, You need images of yourself with weedcash hats and t shirts, merge into that legal cannabis world.

We should work with @harbormmcc and pay them to post a weedmaps logo in their dispensary. We cant accept weedcash directly but we can simply show people how they can sell their weedcash for steem btc cashappor bitpay . if you need a link to get a Free Cashapp btc debit card. We could end up with nice organic weedcash promotion but we need the discord to use banjo tipping and have legal hemp oil reward for people outside legal states, lots of things you can do

you can do a lot for weedcash, just have to go out to the existing weed forums, and provide free accounts , like is your target demographic

bro all you need to do to succeedis spend time on r/trees

Thats the largest cannabis forum online i am pretty sure, and they all know bitcoin because they are reddit users.i would use dogecoin and the doge tipbot they ahve and the satoshi tipbot to tip people Satoshi and doge and just link to weedcash.. That way you can tipon their existing tp bots and just link to weedcash in the memo! :)