Making THC cartridges step by step.

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Shout out to @canna-curate for requesting this post.



I think that many people likely want to know 🤔 what exactly is waxliqudizer is a mixture of pg, peg, 200 and peg 400. Funny story 🤣 I was contacting companies to feature thier products brand legally. While I usually get a media kit, the fantastic people over at have offered to give me samples of their products 😀.


When this arrives I will post making a cartridge tutorial with their products and 99% THC crystals 🔮 adding terps separately this time.


1st step pre measure your materials i use a 2.5 ml to 1.5 grams of concentrate. Some however prefer a 1 to 1 ratio 🤓 i think 🤔 my ratio is just strong enough. 2nd step Mix on incredibly low level heat 🔥 until you have the consistency of 3rd photo about 20 min. 4th step fill cartridge mine are .5 ml meaning that this roughly makes enough for 5 ceramic coil cartridges. 5th step vape life 😤


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That is epic you got some free samples!! Smart move.

So will you be using cannabis terps, or food grade terps?

Cannabis terpines preferably unless something unforseen happens to change plans 🙃. I have never had a company respon with free merch and surprisingly 😅 excited attitude for a blogg post.

Right on! I always find the carts with food grade terps give me a weird buzz, but even worse a headache!

Yeah you will be surprised on what you can get when calling up a company, or emailing. I once called Miller lite to complain over a bad beer, and then they sent me a check for a free case of beer or to cash in lol.

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