Digital trike scope

in #canna-curratelast month

Since I decided to start posting on Weedcash daily it seemed like a good idea to pick up a digital microscope.
Super glue_image.png


A great opportunity to compare the🧐 dispensaries pot to the stuff grown by myself and my friend 😀.
It just so happened that besides the dispensary pot i had a little of my outdoor which is the skunk something 🤔 hybrid. As well as some of my buddies indoor superglue. I have a jewelers lens however I haven't used a digital microscope before this was my first time.


An update on the progress of the new cartridge tutorial with the products and the 99%thc. I got the 99%Thc today &the post office has scheduled the delivery for the 2nd.


Im going to go play with the digital 🔬 see 👀 what i can do with it. Just figured I'd post this and share the good news 👍 😉 .



Great shots!

nice close ups

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Just incredible and quite trippy. Science rules!

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These were some really well taken photos.
The upclose images of the trichomes are truly incredible!

might get a scope just 2 do this 😂

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