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Blockchain has a new masterbation specialist.

Yep every post he puts up I'll tell the world how petty and idiotic he is.

Biggest douche here. And he makes me money... Nice crypto.

Here is a vote because he is a useless grower and an egotistical idiot.

Wanna show up and talk about this in person? I'd love it. But then again someone that can't figure out how to water and gets anally chafed because he had a major self inflicted issue?

Yep. Best loser of the blockchain. He gets my votes and definitely I'll promote him as the biggest douche here.

Voted shared and we all are laughing at him still.

I'd totally pee on your plants.

Loser hater always being a dick to others. I'll vote to grow this account because you are not worth a flag.

What thought steem and give users were idiots and losers? Why are you posting and flagging others?

Oh that's right you are a loser and hater. Can't stand that your toxic behavior has gotten you the scorn of the community.

Go cry and rage quit. I'm still earning way better than you. People like me. And obviously don't care much for your abusive and idiotic behavior.

I'll keep voting and earning off your loser self. Thanks! I appreciate the opportunity to have something to talk about.

When you want to talk in person?