Indoor Garden Update

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Hello Everyone,

A lot has been happening since the last garden update.

Right now all four female cannabis plants are in full bloom, during the time where luscious pistils erupt from the calyx's in a white display of tentacle like mystical beauty.

Aside from the harvest, this is the most exciting stage of cannabis cultivation for me.

Here are some photographs of the flowering cannabis plants:


All four are unknown strains, and the two in the back are larger plants and tied down in a state which make them not easily removable from the tent. This will be more observable later on in the post.




They are now starting to get super frosty, and for the next few weeks I will need to maintain a great deal of watchful care over them, and ensure they remain watered nicely during this time.

In terms of environment, the humidity levels here are pretty low, and the heat has also been pretty low, allowing me to manipulate the environment of the tent by opening and closing the flap, or in most cases, leaving mostly closed to increase the heat slightly but not too much. The LED's do not produce a ton of heat, but these tents do a really good job of holding heat and maintaining pretty high temps.

The next photos I've removed the front two females and turned off the purple lights for photographs.


Despite the fact that these plants are bigger, they are producing smaller nugs, which is ok because I remember these seeds came from stronger breeds. I expect they will be really good even if the buds do not get as big as the ones on the smaller plants.




The last photographs I will share are the front two taken out of the tent, and these two have some really beautiful buds forming, and also larger and plumper than the other two plants.



She is the runt of the four plants, but in some ways is the most beautiful.

In terms of harvesting, I think this one is closer than the other three, but I might push it a little on the late side for more CBD, but I have not decided entirely. I think this one could turn out to be the strongest.


Plenty of frost!



This one I accurately predicted would harbor fat buds. She was my favorite before and still remains my favorite.

Not only does she have the fattest buds, the pistils are freakish in their nature, very thick and very white and glistening with magical THC crystals.

Let's wrap up this post by checking out this beautiful budding cannabis plant a little further.








Photography with KODAK PIXPRO Astro Zoom AZ421-BK 16MP

That's all for now.
Thank you for stopping by, have a great day! -@futuremind


Looking really good!!!

Thank you @owasco! :)

not bad :>

@tipu curate

Thank you @woelfchen!, and thank you for the tipu! :D

Fantastic, I bet they already smell amazing :D
When you say the pistils are thick and full of THC, did you mean the trichomes? I've had pistils that are thick and very white before, but generally they are devoid of cannabinoids.
I think it will be an early frosty Christmas for you heheh.

Hey bro , thank you for the kind words!

Actually they are not emitting much smell yet, which is baffling to me. If I rub the buds with my fingers (which I avoid doing often) there are definitely some pungent aromas, and each of these plants have a unique odor which is cool. The smallest one is the most fruity and pungent smelling. But they aren't stinking up the house yet, maybe another week they will be :)

When you say the pistils are thick and full of THC, did you mean the trichomes? I've had pistils that are thick and very white before, but generally they are devoid of cannabinoids.

Oh man, shows what I know.. I thought the pistils also contained cannabinoids, but admittedly this was an assumption, I stand corrected.
I'm thinking I should invest in a better camera eventually, because the photos don't do the pistils justice for the plant with the fat buds. They have this slimy shiny look that is so cool, and they are so girthy. I'm sure I've never had any plants with pistils like this one before :D

I think it will be an early frosty Christmas for you heheh.

Ohhh yeahhh, maybe I will save it all until Christmas if I can hold out that long, and depending on when it's all ready. I'm not on much of a schedule with this :)

Sounds good, I would !LUV to see better/closer/clearer shots of your flowers. They look great and deserve even better exposure : D






@futuremind, you've been given LUV from @drutter.

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The amount of frost your plants always produce is amazing! What elevation are you at?

Hey man, thank you! I'm always shocked at how frosty my plants get as well :D

I had to do a little googling, New York is pretty vast with wilderness and does have some higher elevations, but the city I reside in reads 380−440 ft (116−135 m) elevation according to search engine results.

Do higher elevations increase frostiness? This is something I've never really given much thought.

I always try to keep the buds as close to the lights as I can without damaging them, but I don't know if this is why. It could be a myriad of things, right down to the growing medium I'm using. It might be interesting to do a little investigating of what I am feeding them exactly. It's a bit of a cocktail and I use some slow release fertilizers that I think you've recommended against lol. I fill 20 gallon buckets up with soil, then add a handful of fertilizer pellets and a handful of bloodmeal, then a handful of crushed up eggshells, thoroughly wet it and cap it off air tight. I use a soil that is lower in nutrients for seedlings, then transplant them into the more nitrogen rich cocktail later on when I know the plants can handle the increase in nutrients. Maybe I'll make a post about it :)

Thanks always for the kind words and support man! :)

So stoked for you. The joy of growing your own is hard to beat. I love the closeup pictures of the hairs and crystal formation. Keep us updated when you can.

Thank you for the kind words @choosefreedom! 😃

It's certainly a very fulfilling thing for me, and I hope to increase the size of my indoor garden one day, but for now I'm grateful to have such a nice little set up, and I humbly claim to produce quality over quantity in most cases :D

Will definitely keep updates going, and am going to try to post more often.
It's so nice to see you again my friend 🤗

Loving all those crystals, its really cool how they also form on the leaves below the buds. I wonder if they form on the leaves or sprinkle down over time onto the lower leaves.

Best of luck with your harvest, smoke some for me.

Hey @solominer ,
I just saw this message, sorry for missing it earlier!

I always have wondered this myself about the crystals. I think they naturally form on the "sugar leaves". I've heard that crystals can kind of seep down from hanging the plant upside down while drying, but I don't know how true this is 😄

Thank you for the kind wishes, I'll surely smoke some for you too!