Northern Auto Chopped

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I was going to let it go another week but i have two OG Kush Autos that will need to be in the tent as i have limited space :)

So here it is before i started with the scissors
This is the first plant i have done Low-Stress training on, the buds are rock hard which is great!

I still have 2 x Amnesia Haze in the tent along with a Feminised Jack Herrer which is purely to get clones off

anyway I better start thinking about getting ready for work

All pictures are mine

I am @dr-autoflower



Been doing auto's for almost 5 years myself, they have come a long way from i first started.

Nice pictures buddy,

Oh no shit!! That is cool! You should do some posts. That would be epic. Also come join our Discord!


Also just FYI, we plan to stay on Steem. Which is why we opened a witness node, running 22.5. Your support for @canna-witness, to help turn Steem green would be highly appreciated

i have been doing them for about a year, still learning lots but i must say it is very satisfying!

are you still growing auto's?

Thanks for the upvote too:)

Very nice work Dr!!