Giveaway # 1 - 25 CANNA TOKENS

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Ok you maniacs, i have 25 Canna-Tokens burning a hole in my Steem-Engine wallet!
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I want to give all of them a new home, to win a Token or 2 you need to do the following

Go to this website & create a Cannabis-related meme which could be funny, personal to you or be a rambling mess a 4 year would produce - download the image and post in the comments section below - that's it super easy

Here are some Guidelines

  • You must be a current Canna Token Holder or show me evidence of you just buying 1 now
  • This giveaway is open for 24 hours after publishing time, once 24 hours is up i will transfer some Tokens around willy nilly
  • I would prefer if you kept the Token long term - stack it :)
  • Resteem this post to encourage others to buy and participate in more upcoming Canna-tokens giveaways :)
  • You will get a massive 100% upvote from me which will earn you some Weedcash as well

Here is a starter

See easy as

I am @dr-autoflower

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I just sent you 8 tokens :)
"symbol": "CANNA",
"to": "doitvoluntarily",
"quantity": "8",
"memo": "Giveaway prize

sweet! thank you!🙏😄

Nice work :)

You will get some token(s) in 24 hours

😄 👍👍

I just sent you 8 tokens :)
"symbol": "CANNA",
"to": "choosefreedom",
"quantity": "8",
"memo": "Giveaway prize

Love it - thanks for participating

You will get some token(s) in 24 hours

Love those memes! Lol

Oh god you're gonna make my life so difficult LOL
I track all of these manually

This is what i just transferred around


@jonyoudyer Sent
1.000 CANNA

@mondoshawan Sent
8.000 CANNA

@doitvoluntarily Sent
8.000 CANNA

@choosefreedom Sent
8.000 CANNA


haha that's what i say as well

I will send you some Tokens shortly

Hehehe... thanks man! This is much appreciated!

I just sent you 8 tokens :)
symbol": "CANNA",
"to": "mondoshawan",
"quantity": "8",
"memo": "Giveaway Prize"

You're awesome. Thanks Man...


swap your beer for a canna token,
symbol": "CANNA",
"to": "jonyoudyer",
"quantity": "1",
"memo": "Beer swapped for Canna"

View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @dr-autoflower, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Giveaway closed