The greatest epiphany of it all.. near the end!

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Imagine that! A 'newer' app like parler is becoming the new 'safe space' for conservatives. After all the big bad twitters and youtubes and facebooks and instagrams get censored. They be buying elections, media, religious leaders, business contracts..

So people leave and some have been kicked off / de-monetized

Many people's hands are in so many different cookie jars. Like many in a bunch, many of those hands are dirty and just get dirtier! You are also left with some filthy cookies!

Look what money and or currency does! Is money the root of all evil? I actually do not believe that. However money is and has been used in such a way that it mimics the fall of Rome. Now I'm not the first to intimate that, but this is what it really is.

Rome 2.0

Ok so here we are. The Barbarians are closing in because the moola is not as good. The soldiers pay more for bread than they ever used too (need moar of it). True patriots be angry, others ditch! So like Rome things polarize and collapse.

What a nation collapses into depends on the vacuum beneath. Nationalism, Socialism, and a lot of other isms are born. Some consume each other, while others dominate with a slow hand. Yes, human history as it were is dirty. So many hands in the cookie jar!


Hive is generally a human based social tool. We monetize our time in the rewards of Hive. Like anything in life it can be bought. Look at STEEM..


So we see this isn't some conspiratorial blog! So a big whale comes into the fray. He silently snipes all rewards from conservative bloggers..


The people looking for rewards say, "This is not fair!"

Alas no dolphin's, orca's or whales come to the aid..

And they leave..

That also sounds like Steem!

So is it just stay low and survive? Get BRO's who got your back?

Now the funny thing is I'm not very well known and I don't usually make large rewards (aside from dividends). I have been generally able to speak my own mind without too high of a reward. Maybe that makes me terrible at blogging.. or maybe I just don't know ALL the right people.

Discord is definitely the after hours trading of the blogging world of hive (in my own opinion).

But say a big whale comes by.. Like Rupert Murdoch or some other Jeff Bezos type. Would the chain just break off again? It would also be simple to follow the crowd to drown out opposite types of voices. Sure it's true Hive is not such a huge place for only conservatives. You gain your power and you have more influence with it.

Is this why decentralization is so important? Perhaps my real question is can you diversify from monetized decentralized places? People are tribal..and the Roman way is conquest.

So should I be excited about Parler?


How about Hive?


With tribes, or layer 2 or SMT.. this is the way. The question in the end is.. what's it worth to you. What will you do with your Hive, your bitcoin. Buy things with it? Do you still need to exchange your Bitcoin to fiat currencies? Yes I know about those mansions you can buy with it.. but let's be honest its more about the law of the land.

Let crypto grow for fun because numbers are pretty to look at?
It would seem Hive is really meant to be a utility token. Otherwise it would grow too valuable and start influencing with cookie jar hands..


Maybe I just smoked a good J..


Very true. With more choices, we see the power structure shift. We are embarking upon a brand new era where those centralized entities that are in control are going to start feeling the heat. After all, they are public companies and Wall Street does not take kindly to entities that lose customers.

We are so polarized right now and many are awakening to this. Over time, we will see a ton of people moving away from the Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter monopoly. Once Wall Street gets a whiff of that, they will be punished severely.

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or set their claws into what would 'seem' decentralized. Influence can be bought.. this is why tribal decentralized places only seem to keep personality ;)


That is true. We need to keep spreading far and wide. The further out things go, the less susceptible it is to the influences you mention here.

That is what makes people not only free but their system resilient.

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I'm not on Parler.. but have seen many FB people going there.. to bad we can't bring a percentage of them to HIVE..

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