FaceBook protects centers for disease control and prevention lies when censoring court case

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A little over a week ago the Informed Consent Action Network settled with the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC admitted that they can not say that vaccines do not cause autism. I just visited the FAQ page to learn that they have not checked that page in many moons. The page still says not associated. I hope that you have enough information to choose who to believe.

The markets went crazy today but those of us following the dollar vigilante know that things just went on sale. The paper is pushing down the real world because the paper is being sold hand over fist. I hope to visit a BTC atm very soon. I plan to make another silver acquisition very soon as well but my normal vendor is showing a lot of items out of stock.

I recently met a new friend on Steem from Chile. I risked sending him a seed of Hindu Kush from hashkings. I have been farming there for a long time now and have one genesis seed that I will not allow to get away from me until the price is sky high. My new friend, @fenngen promised to pay me back but I wasn't that concerned about it and sent the seed. Not only did he pay me back the very next day I earned five Steem from an asset that I didn't even buy but grew. I earned some Steem and made a friend. We sent each other some SBI and I followed his curation trail for plankton. We have a lot in common but his story is inspiring.

All of the many tribes here on Steem will make this ecosystem much better and prevent hostile take overs long into the future. As long as we stand next to each other focused on our similarities instead of our differences. A house united will surely stand.

I hope that everyone here has been prepping and building a sustainable life. Just know that there is a lot of misinformation about the virus going out and about. Go read some @zerohedge posts. You might learn something. We will see what happens when the dust settles. The 1.5T Bazooka was fired by the Federal Reserve that is not federal and has no reserves. Welcome to modern monetary theory. Thank you in advance for any love.


Hey there @nutritree it was a great conversation that day and thanks for trusting me with the seed!

What a mindfuck with BTC today, I had some on hold to cash out when needed and today was that day I had to get the money so I went to the exchange and find it had gone -20%. I had to think long and hard whether to hodl longer or just accept fate. In the end I accepted fate as you never know with crypto, it might of fallen even lower.

Sorry for not upvoting this post yet as the promise of the trail is to vote posts that after 1 day of published still haven't made it to the dollar. If that's the situation by tomorrow I'll vote it ;)

For now some $trdo!

Have a great day my friend!

Good to hear from you. Look at that bounce after driven to the low low. The gold/silver ratio is pushing 101. Stack that physical and then the crypto. Many cancelations and fears over covid19. I have been telling people I have covid20 lol. Gather those books and remember sprouts are very nutritional in just over 5 days. Gnight.

Right on! I have no use for weed nor vax, but I love that we can choose for ourselves in this affairs here. Steem on! @tipu curate

Thank you very much. Many lovers of alcohol say the same about cannabis. 25,000 and more textiles. The best food, fuel, and fibers. I makes really good medicine too but best in category is questionable. Still think you dont need it?

True. I just don't know anything about those qualities that I value cannabis for. Alcohol is great for herbal tincture. You are so right! Still don't have a use for vax. !invest_vote !COFFEEA

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I will certainly consider @c0ff33a as a witness. First I want to know what the witness feels about the tron take over. I like coffee but know that it blocks calcium absorption and causes increase in cortisol. I have since limited myself and steering away from it all together. I will stake the tokens for a very long time.

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