90.4% cannabinoid and 85.31% thc legal moxie cartridge from San Diego @harbormmcc ...

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... dispensary

If you want free Eos you just have to buy and stake weedcash. I am am going to add 100,000 SAND to a pool for staking reward and another for San Diego citizens. I may even reserve the miner tokens for actual city officials and posesion of the wallet with that key would simply be a local crime how about that? We will enforce blockxhain policy freely at a local level.

The staking will.be done like weedcash and also you can freely buy weedcash miners and earn free weedcash EOS tokens which will soon automatically be deposited into your eos account with a bot ... soon is relative .. but @richardcrill first has to process this and remember a few things with me and we will allow him to explain how if someone so chooses they can have weekly claims withdrawn to eos weedcash automatically.. we may not want auto claims of eos withdraws due to eos CPU and ram costs and ram.is paid everytime.new eos wallet wants that weedcash we have to pay or weedcashntwrk eos account .

But with bloks.io we can get 5 fee tx a day so we could potentially find solutions and even allow users to airgrab their eos weed withdraw but I want to pay for this for weedcash users. Just stake weedcash and earn free weedcash to sell on newdex for eos so you can brag about Voice.com on valentine's day

Sand and Appics also have this system where you can earn tokens making posts. Appics is general Instagram style posts so I try to create buy orders very low and become market maker as the price is still too high without developer bounties for me to earn @soldier1 because people like me have to create the tokenomics plans and I feel 1% of APX max supply can and should be allocated to bounty accounty we can use to inspire ene motivate APX thinkers and marketers and APX eos needs to be distributed more and max supply solidified with immutability. But maybe we should inky do the immutability with a stable coin style toke under appicsmint like EOSDT or we should honestly just add EOSDT to your Appics app after we add @lynxwallet or @wombatapp or @tipitbot we can also use EOSP and have withdraws through @privex and we just need ri pay @eonwarped some eos APX like $1500 to $200 worrh so he can be motivated to start work on adding eosio scatter to nitrous si u can have neat package for Appics mobile site with scatter login and I also heard @beggars might put the eosio scatter node js buttons for deposit on the page which would be so nice and long over due but perfect timing for https://next.steem-engine.com

So yeah make steem appics and weedcash posts and get tokens to withdraw ti newdex to sell for eos , a coinbase token which I feel may also be in bitpay card and already has it's own card i need to test called Monaco with direct eos top ups . Lookup my Monaco referwl link and remember eos New York recomended it . But if they want BP funding they have to get on telos because eos is.simply owned by toi many chinese and the best crypto people and the exchanges who are just banks now and people have to start treating this like a fuedap system and it all makes sense. Guys with brains make rules protected by men witn.muscle and knights spring up fiefdoms and we are literaly at phase of capital formation like proepsectors game lol bitcoin and ethereum.was a feudal system steem was like magna carta and eos is declaration of independence and telos is constitution


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Super fantastic posting

Best wishes for you and your family

keep working harder ..I am reminding you of the @phodata too. Hope to see you work on the website @ackza

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