Edenbuxx Airdrop!

in #airdroplast year

Thanks!!!! Now I gotta find a way to stake!!!

It's not stake enabled yet.

We are raising all 3K {BEE} at once and then it will be stake-able. :)

get me some gardening tips

I'll make sure to create some How to posts!

^^^^^^^ accepts all airdrops

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Interesting, I could follow a gardening tribe.

Thank you for including me in the abundance. Looking forward to further optimization & collaboration! Stay blessed.

Please send me an airdrop. I've been curating some #edenbuxx since it came out and #gardening posts for a long time. @creativetruth

Been wondering if the coin has more meaning behind it. It is meant to represent the token? What is your plan for it?

Think I'm going to unsubscribe from #edenbuxx and focus more on other garden communities. My early comment was ignored (I'm not sure why), and I didn't want to make a fuss.

Best luck to you all.