Gold mining adventure passport day.

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Show yesterday we were a couple minutes late however it really wouldn't have done anything because soon as appointment is March 2nd which would put us behind schedule massively.

well we figured the way around that just by using the United States Post office because they are trustee available and don't have an exceptional wait list.

Plan is let's drive up to Canada then bounce over the border and push up into Alaska.

And then party is going to really be awesome.

Long tiring day.nand I got a wild dog that wants runs. So gotta take care of him. He is definitely hating the rain today.

Well I'm blazing.




Thank you he's amazing keep posting man and more people will start voting you and you can start making more.

And to get you started I decided to throw you a vote as well.

Handsome pup :) I can understand if he likes to roam.

Yep most times I work very hard on giving him enough exercise. However rainy days it is more like wrestling inside and playing fetch.

He is absolutely an extremely high energy dog.

He sure is a pretty boy.

Absolutely I think he is the prettiest dog I've ever had. And Zeus was absolutely gorgeous. Pretty stunning what the last year has brought.

However I wouldn't change things for the world as much as I want to have my best friend back.

This new dog is himself and has captured more of my heart. I'll always have a German Shepherd dog.