Felix the cat blotter. Lsd 25... Am. I again the first to post acid to The blockchain?

in acid •  4 months ago 

Blazing and came across something. Well blessed are those that gift others and gift cycle spiraled out of control.


Super clean and hella strong. Be careful and don't have more than 3. Most times 1 is plenty good enough.

Tim Leary would be happy.

Oh last year I posted Jedi bacon... Acid on top of bacon... May the force be with you...


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DUDE I WANT SOME!!! Seriously my mouth is watering. Damn I wish I was still living on the west coast HA HA. It has been over 3 years since I last tripped.

Party at Bagby! Hotsprings! When you coming?

I'm not sadly. Dude, how many more times do I have to tell you I'm in Arkansas? Plus I'm broke as fuck with a baby so I'm stuck here for a while.

Teleporter... Come the Fuck on. You can do this. Disassemble atoms and reconstruction of them...

I believe in you. And while your at it how about Warp drive...

And besides that yeah we definitely need to plug in and chill again one day. Idaho next year maybe?

Dude!!! When you coming through Eugene, lol?

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Dude headed to Bagby...

wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 that was the first typ of acid i triped on. it was felix the cat! 1994 Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids (as was their original name prior to making it big) club Edge Ft, Lauderdale ..... nuts!

Nice gift right?

Take it you missed Jedi bacon...

I just jizzed in my pants

i want to upload coce and other drugs but i am afraid downvote. not evryone wanna see that

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Do it! Lol I'll just have to post more hippy shit.

by the way never really liked lsd. to many bad trips. didnt knew how to use it, now i am afraid of it

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My favorite drug! we call it speedball
it is just cocaine mixed with heroin!

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