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Hope you are well

I know I'm a couple of days late on my post and do feel a bit bad but the point of 365 days of Hive isn't to write every single day but to just continue writing and to keep me motivated to do so. I hope you are well and I hope you are also able to continue writing. Today I will talk about cannabis and show you some of the pictures from my garden this past grow season.

Cannabis 2020

As most of you know I'm the founder of @hashkings and with that there is an assumption that I know a lot about this fantastic plant and that I have experience growing it. Your assumptions are correct, I have been growing for about 10 years and today I want to share my favorite pics of my 2020 grow.

If you have experience with Cannabis then you have probably heard of Indica and Sativa but have you heard of Ruderalis? Ruderalis, also known as auto-flower is a very interesting plant because it does not depend on the photoperiod. This means that no matter the light cycle it will do what it does. Typically when growing Cannabis your plants will begin to flower when the amount of sunlight per decreases. In doors we tend to put our lights on a cycle of 12 hours on and 12 hours off. This guarantees that our plants will begin to flower and produce buds. In nature its a bit different but basically the same concept. Ruderalis does not care about this! It will begin to flower about 3 weeks after germination and finish out its growth cycle in about 10 to 12 weeks total from seed.

I had grown a couple of auto-flowers before but this year was different. I really went for it and decided to fill my entire garden with this type of cannabis. This year I grew Auto Gelato, M.E.T.H. and Auto Bubblegum. All of which turned out fantastic except for the bit of mold that appeared on one of them I was really happy with the yield and quality of the bud produced.

The M.E.T.H

The M.E.T.H and Auto Bubblegum at sunset

The M.E.T.H with a bit of caterpillar damage

The M.E.T.H

Fat trunk on the Auto-Bubble

Auto-bubblegum at the beginning of flower


Auto-bubblegum, the M.E.T.H. and auto gelato


The M.E.T.H and Auto-bubblegum at night

Garden getting fat!

A M.E.T.H. Bud

The M.E.T.H. at its tallest

The M.E.T.H.

The M.E.T.H.

The M.E.T.H.

The M.E.T.H.


Close-ups with Loope

Auto Bubblegum trichomes maturing

M.E.T.H trichomes under the loope



Mutations and Mold



As you can tell I was obsessed with taking pics of the M.E.T.H I just really loved the natural purple buds it produced. By the time it was dried out after harvest the nugs on it were completely black. The mold was a bit of a bummer but all and all this years garden did really well.

Thanks for checking it out and see you soon!


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You should consider posting in communities, btw. Higher chance we won't miss amazing posts like these when curating. :)

ill give a shot next time. thanks for the suggestion and the upvotes!


वाह क्या खूब लगरा भांग का पेड़

वाह क्या खूब लगरा भांग का पेड़

thank you!

What was the best smoke?

the auto bubble for sure but i always take the time to properly cure my weed so it all turned out good

oh man I wish I could do that! Those purple buds look awesome.

It's truly an honor that our state recognizes cannabis legalization as a benefit. I wish you could grow too!

Big shout out to @canna-curate for showing me this one. Thanks, @qwoyn, my fucking goodness I wish you could text me a sample.

holy mother plant, it is so beautiful